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What does Orcem produce?

Orcem uses recycled materials to manufacture a cement supplement called Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), commonly known as “green” cement, due to its environmental qualifications. GGBFS’s production requires much less energy to produce, and as a result, significantly reduces emissions in comparison to traditional portland cement. Additionally, concrete made with Orcem’s green cement is brighter in color, longer lasting, and stronger than concrete made with only portland cement.

Orcem’s green cement is considered a sustainable building material because it…

  • Uses recycled raw material as its primary ingredient
  • Reduces the need to mine natural resources to nearly zero
  • Requires 90% less thermal energy to produce, reducing the use of fossil fuels
  • Reduces the carbon footprint to nearly zero, reducing climate change impacts
  • Increases the lifespan of roads, bridges, and other structures, reducing the consumption of energy and materials for construction

Q: Where is the proposed Orcem Vallejo facility to be located?

The Orcem Vallejo facility will be located at the proposed Vallejo Marine Terminal at 800 Derr Street in Vallejo. Orcem has a 65-year lease for approximately 5 acres of the 34-acre Vallejo Marine Terminal (VMT) site that was formerly General Mills.

Q: How will the Orcem Project benefit the City of Vallejo?

The Vallejo Project will provide numerous benefits to Vallejo and its residents, including:

  • 192 permanent high-paying jobs for local workers
  • Hundreds of union construction-related jobs
  • More than $13 million annually in wages
  • More than $20 million annually in economic activity
  • More than $60 million in private investment
  • More than $500,000 each year in new tax revenue directly to the City
  • Road upgrades and pedestrian safety improvements to Lemon Street

The local tax revenue and other funds from the Project will provide local benefits:

  • Increased funding for police and fire safety
  • Increased funding for infrastructure, such as street maintenance
  • Increased funding for community development for youth recreation and job-training
  • Economic development for South Vallejo

Q: What is green cement used for?

Green cement is an enhancement for all concrete types. It is especially valuable to major infrastructure projects that require durability and a long lifespan (some examples are road pavements, bridges, foundations, and dams).  Concrete made with Orcem's green cement is brighter in color, longer lasting, and stronger than concrete made only with portland cement.

Q: What are some examples of structures built with green cement?

In the Bay Area, many significant structures have used Orcem’s green cement. Some examples are the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge, the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium, the San Francisco Federal Building, the new Apple Campus 2, and the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center’s Patient Care Pavilion in Oakland.

ABOVE - Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge

ABOVE - Levi’s Stadium