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Vallejo has a rich and vibrant history that has been centered on maritime activity and industrial enterprise for more than 150 years. Vallejo’s industrial history began with the construction of the Starr Mills flour mills in 1869 that extended the economic boom of the region to Vallejo. Even before the mills were constructed, the site was used for wheat exports to ports in Europe and around the Pacific Basin.

The Sperry Flour Company purchased Starr Mills in 1910, and in 1929 Sperry Mills joined several other milling companies around the country to form General Mills. General Mills continued to distribute milled grain products nationally and internationally from the Vallejo facility until it was closed in 2004. Since then the General Mills facility has stood vacant, as do many former business sites in Vallejo.

Orcem wants to bring a green industry to Vallejo by revitalizing the site as a next-generation milling facility and international shipping terminal.

Sperry Flour Company Mill on the site of the proposed Orcem Vallejo Project

Orcem Vallejo Proposal - Project Rendering
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