Orcem wants to bring a green industry to Vallejo by revitalizing an abandoned industrial site as a next-generation milling facility and international shipping terminal.  

Orcem has filed an application with the City of Vallejo to approve a Site Plan to re-establish a mill on this maritime industrial property. Orcem will improve Vallejo’s local economy by investing millions of dollars in the City and reviving it as an international seaport. The Orcem project will create hundreds of jobs for local workers and bring tax revenue to the City of Vallejo, while producing an environmentally-friendly product that makes a major contribution to meeting California’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Orcem’s mill will provide California with a sustainable, eco-friendly cement product, commonly known as “green cement.” By utilizing recycled material as its primary ingredient, the milling of this green cement emits nearly zero emissions compared to traditional portland cement.

Orcem and its parent Ecocem are actively involved in the local communities they serve and are committed to continue their success as sustainable companies, protecting our environment through its products and business practices. The Orcem project at the Vallejo Marine Terminal will bring over $60 million in private investment to Vallejo, creating jobs, increasing local tax revenue, and ultimately boosting the local economy.

Project Rendering

Orcem Vallejo Proposal - Project Rendering
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