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“As a lifelong resident of Vallejo, I remember when Mare Island and the General Mills facility closed and the impacts on the city. Following the loss of both, a bankruptcy and recession, the economic growth in Vallejo has been slow and almost non-existent in some areas of the city. Since the General Mills facility closed down over a decade ago, South Vallejo has never recovered and continues to deteriorate. Looking at the positive and the negative aspects of this project, the positive clearly outweighs the negative. Orcem Vallejo brings much needed local jobs and commerce, not to mention millions in tax dollars. The prize, or extra benefit, is the restoration and renewed operation of the abandoned Vallejo Marine Terminal located on a long neglected waterfront shoreline. What does the marine terminal mean for the city? Increased trade, more jobs, revenue and a path towards sustainability. “
- Theresa Karr, Lifelong Vallejo Resident

“As a lifelong resident of Vallejo, I’ve seen how much our city has deteriorated. I want to see it thrive again, and I believe welcoming Orcem to Vallejo will help make that success happen. Having worked at Mare Island Naval Shipyard before it closed, I know that Orcem means more commerce, jobs and revenue for Vallejo. A place where local workers can afford to raise their families.”
- Tom Wade, Lifelong Vallejo Resident

“The Orcem Vallejo green cement facility proposed for the former General Mill site, with necessary infrastructure already in place, will help Vallejo continue its industrial and economic resurgence. In addition to the 189 jobs, with an average wage of $69,000/year, and the estimated $20 million annually funneled into our economy, Orcem’s green cement, with a near-zero carbon footprint, will take the place of portland cement, responsible for 5% of all worldwide, man-made, carbon dioxide emissions. Orcem provides an opportunity for Vallejo to make a difference.”
– Mike Haworth, Vallejo Resident

“Bringing Orcem to Vallejo will positively impact our community, especially our neighbors in South Vallejo. Increasing jobs and vital tax revenues will provide our city with greater social benefits, such as vital new infrastructure, increased recreation activities and more money for public safety. Orcem presents an opportunity to revitalize Vallejo as the Northern California economy continues growing and improving.”
– Jennifer Yen, Vallejo Resident

“As the President of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce, I believe a strong local economy and local sustainable jobs are crucial for the success of our community. The Orcem Vallejo proposal will provide those things to enable our community to thrive. The building phase will offer thousands of construction-related jobs and 189 permanent jobs once the project is finished. In addition, Orcem Vallejo will contribute millions of dollars to the local economy in tax revenue, which will allow for enriched local services, such as fire, police and social services. By supporting Orcem Vallejo, we are strengthening our local economy and building a sustainable future for all.”
- Joey Palma, President, Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce

“Orcem’s product has already been used in numerous Bay Area projects, including the new 49ers Levi’s Stadium and the eastern span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Increasing its availability by building a production facility at Vallejo’s old Sperry Mill site not only revitalizes our waterfront, but also helps Vallejo build a broader job base, increasing opportunities for employment and creating additional benefits for everyone in our city.”
– Michael Coakley, Vallejo Resident