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On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, Vallejo City Manager Dan Keen affirmed to the Vallejo City Council that the Orcem/Vallejo Marine Terminal (VMT) Project Description was complete.
On Thursday, June 1, 2017, the Vallejo City Council voted to direct staff to correct and finalize the Draft Final Environmental Impact Report (Draft FEIR) for the Orcem/Vallejo Marine Terminal proposal.  The Council, on a 4-3 vote, approved the following resolution (the original resolution can also be viewed by clicking on the following link):

RESOLUTION NO. 17 - 062 N.C.

by the Council of the City of Vallejo that staff is directed to take the following actions:

1. Upon obtaining the written consent of the Appellant/Applicant, Appellant/Applicant's appeal(s) concerning the project are hereby stayed and delayed to a date no later than January 16, 2018, at which time this Council will once again consider this appeal and further consider any documents and work product prepared by staff in connection with the following items;

2. Staff is directed to work with Appellant/Applicant to describe and analyze alternatives or revisions to the Revised Project Alternative as described in the Draft Final Environmental Impact Report, and to prepare a 'final and stable project description' for purposes of complying with the California Environmental Quality Act, and, once that is achieved;

3. Staff is directed to prepare and process the necessary documents for presentation to the planning commission and this Council including finalizing the FEIR, preparing CEQA findings, MMRP, Statement of Overriding Considerations, and conditions of approval, and presenting them to this Council for consideration and possible certification and approval.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT should a final project description constituting a 'final and stable project description' not be achieved, or should the appellant's consent to stay this appeal not be obtained by July 15, 2017, staff is directed to come back to this Council for further action on the appeal.

Adopted by the City Council of the City of Vallejo at a special adjourned meeting held on June 1, 2017, with the following vote:

AYES:       Councilmembers Dew-Costa, Malgapo, Sunga and Verder-Aliga
NOES:      Mayor Sampayan, Vice Mayor McConnell, and Councilmember Miessner

Orcem Vallejo

On Tuesday evening, February 6, 2017, the City of Vallejo released the Draft Final Environmental Impact Report (Draft FEIR) for the Orcem Vallejo proposal, along with appendices, comments from the Draft EIR and responses, and other pertinent information.  You can visit the city's website for an overview of these items by clicking here, or click on the following links for a direct download of these documents (please note that these are voluminous documents, so download times may be longer than normal):

Draft Final EIR
Draft FEIR Appendices
Updated Response to Comments DEIR
Comment Letters  
Orcem Plans Dated 11/5/15
VMT Plans Dated 6/2/16

Orcem Vallejo has prepared traffic simulations showing anticipated traffic along Lemon Street, at the Sonoma Boulevard and Curtola Parkway intersections. You can view these simulations today - simply visit our YouTube page by clicking here.

We are very excited to announce the formation of our $1 million dollar Community Benefits Program!

Our $1 million Community Benefits Program to support the Vallejo community in a wide variety of important and much needed areas. 
According the Stephen Bryan, President of Orcem Americas, “The primary focus of the funds will be to support the South Vallejo community, which is in closest proximity to our proposed project.  The funds will be spent to support local non-profits that provide services in the areas of education, youth, job training and environmental sustainability.”
The Orcem/VMT Community Grant Program is contingent upon project approval of their green cement milling operation and deep water marine terminal by the Vallejo City Council.  Orcem/VMT will establish a process for the selection of grant recipients, based on criteria developed with community input.
“We are very excited about the opportunity to provide support to the Vallejo community,” stated Blaise Fettig, Principal of Vallejo Marine Terminal. “Once we establish our new state-of-the-art marine terminal and Orcem develops their new green cement milling operation at the ex-General Mills site, we will have the opportunity to be able to give back to the community in a meaningful way.”
Stephen Bryan added, “Based on the hundreds of conversations I have had across the Vallejo community, and particularly South Vallejo, it is clear that economic development and quality jobs is a top concern to residents.  Our project directly supports those two needs and our community grant program will provide much-needed funds to support job training so as many Vallejo residents as possible can work at our marine and mill facilities.”
The Orcem/VMT project will include more than $60 million in private investment on this green business — creating jobs, increasing local tax revenue and boosting the economy. The City of Vallejo is expected to receive more than $500,000 each year in new tax and fee revenues from both the Orcem and VMT projects — helping pay for local services, like police and fire.  In addition, the projects will support 189 good-paying permanent jobs, generating $13.15 million in wages paid to these workers over a six-year period — not to mention the tens of thousands of hours in construction-related work. And in just over five years, the projects will contribute $21.72 million to the local economy.

UPDATED INFORMATION – Vallejo Marine Terminal (VMT)/Orcem Project Amendment
(view the official notice on the City of Vallejo website by clicking here)

The applicants for the VMT/Orcem project have submitted an amendment to their application for the development of a marine terminal and the Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag processing facility.  The applicants have proposed the following revisions to the project description to reduce the overall size of the project:
  • Elimination of Phase 2 of the VMT project, which proposed a rock dike and lay down area where bulk and break bulk goods would be temporarily staged.  Vessels, including barges, moving goods to or from the site would be proposed to dock at the wharf when it is not occupied by a deep draft vessel.  Please note that this change substantially reduces the amount of bay fill proposed previously, but does not impact Orcem’s Phase 1 or Phase 2 components of the project.
  • Elimination of the 5.25 acre portion of the site that was proposed for annexation at the southernmost end of the project site and relocation of the proposed storage shed from this southern area of the property to the northern portion of the site.
  • Clarification of the materials to be handled through the Terminal, which are proposed to include;
    • Feed grains
    • Manufactured steel
    • Timber/lumber
    • Rock, aggregate, ores, and related materials (including granulated blast furnace slag, portland cement clinker material, pozzolan, gypsum, limestone and related materials used as part of the Orcem project component)
    • Project-based break-bulk items (i.e., heavy lift transport, large construction assemblies)
    • Other bulk and break-bulk commodities
    • Marine construction materials
    • Portland cement
  • Liquid bulk cargos or large-scale container operations are not proposed to be handled through the VMT Terminal.  The applicants have stated that the VMT Terminal would prohibit the handling of municipal waste, coal, petroleum coke or any other petroleum-based product such as gasoline or crude oil.
  • Movement of rail (including loading/unloading of rail cars) is proposed to occur between the hours of 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM to avoid late-night noise impacts on residential areas.
The proposed revisions to the project description and the removal of references to VMT’s Phase 2 will be included and analyzed in the staff report and supporting documentation.   The proposed VMT plans that reflect the revised project are included here for review. Draft statement of overriding considerations. Ecocem-Jigsaw partnership. Updated economic impact study. Lemon Street corridor maintenance improvement plan. Vision 2020 Sustainability Report from the Ecocem Group.

In addition to the removal of VMT Phase 1 from the project, the applicants have proposed a modified version of the "Revised Operations Alternative" (ROA) which was first presented in the Draft EIR.  This modified version of the ROA is intended to reduce environmental impacts of the revised project by:  (1)  Formally subjecting the VMT component of the project to a BAAQMD Permit; (2)  Implementing a refined truck loading and weight management system to increase efficiency; (3)  Implementing ongoing fleet and equipment management activities to further minimize remaining NOx emissions; (4) Offsetting any remaining significant emissions of NOx, through purchased offsets, or an emissions reduction program subject to monitoring; and, (5)  Reducing the maximum length of trains serving the project site from 100 to 50 cars.

The applicant's proposed changes to the project description and consideration of a modified ROA would be further analyzed in the Final EIR prepared by the City of Vallejo.  All relevant documentation will be made available for review prior to consideration by the Planning Commission.

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